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We used this service for a family member after they had COVID. The owner Stephen was incredibly fast to respond and message back, and beyond courteous and helpful. I love that they test the surface to guarantee no bacteria/virus, they even decided to spray a second time as they felt the test score was not low enough. I couldn't recommend this service enough, it gave us peace of mind that everyone would be safe.
-Meg I.


I am the principal of an elementary/middle school. VitaTech recently visited on two occasions to mist the classrooms, offices and restrooms. Each time, they showed up precisely on time, did an excellent job, showed the huge improvement in the number of microorganisms (my word), and worked the school surfaces down to a hospital level environment, nearly sterile. This company is very trustworthy and absolutely worth the peace of mind. I highly recommend them for your sanitizing needs.
-Brenda N.

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